IMG_3104Name: Thobias Wiklund Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden. Equipment: Marshall Jcm 800, Boss ME-70 pedalboard. Guitars Fender, Stratocaster, Washburn. Previous bands: Trilogy, Twilight Illusion. Hobbies: Drives formula Opel.


Thobias Wiklund is a Swedish guitarist/musician and composer. He received his first guitar as a gift at the age of three and quickly learned how to play. He also learned how to play the bass, the drums and some keyboards. Thobias started his first band when he was thirteen years old and began performing as a young musician in different churches. Thobias who is from Nykvarn near Stockholm moved to Umea located in northern Sweden when he was thirteen years old to study music. In the mid 90´s he moved back to Stockholm and joined a local band that he toured with. In the following years Thobias played with various bands/musicians. In 2002 he was a co-founder of the band Twilight Illusion. Thobias recorded two EP’s with the band: Miracle of life, 2003 and Remember My Name, 2004. Thobias left Twilight Illusion in 2006 and has ever since worked as a freelance musician, writing and producing new songs for upcoming projects. Thobias recorded the full length solo album “To Remember The Forgotten” in late 2013. Contributing artists: Mauritz Petersson  on drums, Peo Pettersson (Leviticus, Kings & Dreams) on vocals, hammond organ and keyboard, Tomas Lundqvist on bass (in three songs), and Joaqim Lewerin as a guest musician on violin and keyboards. Thobias has his roots in hardrock/metal, blues and classical music but is also inspired by flamenco, folk music, jazz, fusion and more. Thobias is already working on a new upcoming metal project with different influences. In the future Thobias plan on releasing more albums, do other projects, gigs/tours and collaborations with different artists. Please visit the official website to get the most recent updates on his current projects and upcoming albums.